IRIS60/8 has some unique benefits over traditional pedestrian detection systems

Because the IRIS60/8 sensor leverages the most widely adopted wearable safety technology in the world –the high-vis vest, the system conforms to the user, not the other way around. This addresses the biggest cause of system failure, lack of adoption.


  • Improved safety out of the box with minimal training and implementation overhead.
  • No ongoing additional cost to maintain detectability. Anyone wearing Class-II safety apparel or better is detectable.
  • Precisely shaped detection zones and people-only detection minimises unwanted detections to maximise productivity.
  • Reliable performance and fewer system components results in less maintenance overhead.
  • Unaffected by interference in challenging RF environments.
  • Ideally suited for OEM integration into machines because it doesn’t require proprietary tags to be worn.
  • Affordable enough to enable fleet-wide implementation, resulting in maximum overall safety benefit.

Simple and effective

Implementation is easy because workers in hazardous areas already wear hi-vis safety vests. No change in behaviour is needed to receive the added safety benefit.


Cost effective

IRIS60/8 is affordable enough to enable fleet-wide implementation, resulting in more sensors on more machines, maximising the safety benefit.



IRIS60/8 only detects retro-reflective material directly within the hazard area, eliminating unwanted detections to achieve maximum system effectiveness.



IRIS detectors are designed to work day or night, indoors or outdoors in harsh environments.



IRIS can detect anyone wearing standard Class-II high-visibility apparel. Vehicles and stationary hazards can also be tagged with reflective tape to enable detection.



Coverage zone and detection range can be tailored according to the application.

IMPORTANT. Seen IRIS60/8 sensors can provide additional information to the operator but are not intended to provide active safety functions or control the machine. Seen sensors do not replace the need for proper operator training and best practice safe operating procedure. The operator must always look to check the way is clear before moving the vehicle. Detection can never be guaranteed.
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