Seen Safety work with industry-leading companies in a number of sectors to develop pedestrian detection solutions to mitigate the risk of collision with ground-personnel.

Material handling and logistics

Back-overs are one of the most common types of accidents caused by forklifts. To be effective, a collision avoidance system must be easy to implement, cost effective, and require no change in behaviour. An IRIS 60/8 sensor covering the rear of a fork-lift truck is an ideal way to mitigate back-over risk with minimal training and compliance overhead, and at a very affordable cost. Because IRIS 60/8 sensors detect reflective strip on high-visibility safety vests, everyone on-site –even visitors and subcontractors– are detectable by default. The tightly controlled detection zone and (optional) reverse-only activation makes Seen sensors perfect for high intensity operations where ground personnel often need to work in close proximity to machines.


Offering a unique combination of affordability and ease of implementation, IRIS60/6 is an ideal tool for companies operating mobile plant in construction and quarrying environments. The IRIS 60/8 sensor detects the reflective strip found on high-visibility safety vests, meaning everyone on-site –even visitors and subcontractors– are detectable by default.

Suitable for use on wheeled loaders, excavators, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, rollers, mobile wheeled articulated cranes, forklifts, rigid and articulated dump trucks.

Container ports

Container ports present unique challenges for traditional RF-based collision avoidance technologies. Steel shipping containers can create serious interference issues with RF detection systems, but because IRIS 60/8 sensors use optical sensing technology, they offer port operators and stevedoring companies a simple to implement, cost-effective, and reliable collision avoidance system which is unaffected by RF interference.

Agriculture and forestry

To mitigate the risk of ‘chain-shot’ from mechanical tree harvester heads, Seen and an OEM partner developed the IRIS Head Orientation Sensor, which is mounted on the harvester head and warns the operator if the chainsaw bar is pointing at the cab when the cut is initiated.

Winner of the 2017 New Zealand Workplace Safety Innovation Awards.


IRIS is a simple, award-winning technology designed to prevent mistaken-for-game hunting accidents. The small gun-mounted IRIS sensor, powered by a single AA battery warns a hunter if they mistakenly target the person they’re hunting with, or anyone else wearing IRIS-detectable gear.

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IMPORTANT. Seen IRIS60/8 sensors can provide additional information to the operator but are not intended to provide active safety functions or control the machine. Seen sensors do not replace the need for proper operator training and best practice safe operating procedure. The operator must always look to check the way is clear before moving the vehicle. Detection can never be guaranteed.
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