Seen Safety’s new IRIS 860 LIDAR sensor actively detects reflective tape on high-vis safety gear, transforming the standard high-vis vest into part of an active pedestrian detection system for forklifts and other mobile plant.

Seen’s IRIS 860 pedestrian detection sensor detects the reflective tape on day/night high-vis safety gear and warns the driver and pedestrian of danger. The defined detection zone and (optional) reverse-only activation make it ideal for use in busy environments where pedestrians frequently work in close proximity to machines. Only the key hazard area is targeted, meaning irrelevant detections and operator annoyance are eliminated. Simple!

Seen works with industry leading companies in a variety of industries. If you’d like to discuss how Seen sensors can help with your traffic management plan, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Seen sensors detect reflective tape on high-vis safety vests behind the forklift, warning the driver and pedestrian of danger

Life-saving benefits

  • Targeted detection of reflective strip
  • Pre-set detection range up to 8 metres
  • Simple to install
  • Precisely shaped detection zone avoids nuisance alerts from non-critical areas
  • No IT system integration required
  • No RF interference issues
  • No scheduled maintenance needed
  • Self-checking 
  • Fixed hazards can be marked with reflective tape
  • Class 1 eye safe laser
  • Automatically on when vehicle reverses
  • Reliable detection in all conditions*
  • Unaffected by darkness or sun glare
  • Audible alert for both driver and pedestrian
  • IP67 suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Affordable enough for fleet-wide deployment

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*For standard day/night (class-II or class-III) high-vis safety apparel (or equivalent).

Seen IRIS 860 infrared LIDAR sensor and mounting bracket.

Seen sensors come with a heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket which can be attached to vertical, horizontal, or angled surfaces.

Multiple sensors can enlarge the detection area

Multiple IRIS 860 sensors can be used together to create a larger detection area. One sensor gives 60 degrees coverage, 2 sensors 120 degrees etc.

Suitable for all types of mobile plant

Seen IRIS 860 sensors are suitable for use on all types of mobile machinery, including forklifts, telehandlers, mobile cranes, container handlers, wheeled loaders, rollers, graders, bobcats, and bulldozers. Contact us to arrange a trial.

telehandler, forklift, bobcat, container handler, wheeled loader, mobile crane, bulldozer


PDF Seen IRIS 860 hoist brochure
PDF Seen IRIS 860 loader brochure
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WARRANTY. Seen IRIS 860 sensors have been designed for reliable long-term use on industrial vehicles in both indoor and outdoor applications. Seen offer a 1-year repair or replacement warranty on materials and workmanship. Warranty excludes general wear and tear, physical damage caused by direct impact to the sensor, damage to the windows, damage caused by high-pressure water jets and incorrect electrical connection.

IMPORTANT. Seen IRIS 860 sensors can provide additional information to the operator but are not intended to provide active safety functions or control the machine. Seen sensors do not replace the need for proper operator training and best practice safe operating procedure. The operator must always look to check the way is clear before moving the vehicle. Detection can never be guaranteed.

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